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A story, which helps to build a new relationship. Macho ManIgor Moscow.

MachoMen help cope with the effects of the disease

And when you tell my story. Never has been private. An ordinary boy, an ordinary teenager, a student, and he's a normal guy. Special abilities are not that different. She, like everyone else, co-opted a gray mouse, she's a kid. that is very good. But 40 years anniversary changed everything.

The correct word: gray beard, the devil fin. Always make sure there's no love no, this silly romantic nonsense. To choosing a mate, loyal, loving, led agriculture. When buying an apartment, having a child. Never ordered him, but also did not allow the neck to sit in. He lived quietly. And here's met him. Starts with 18 many 40-year-old girl, and she was ровесницей, but what! Well-groomed and elegant woman, looks like 30's, a sharp mind, a good attitude, sparkling humor. And the widow. I missing.

The first attempts the conquest of

Margo – Margarita name, full Булгакову – an ordinary man, he never asked. I later learned that her husband, an artist, scribbles, in a very interesting way. Itself, wrote prose (satire), and poetry. We met by chance, I called a friend, and after a while have a little talk where I read poems. When I began to read it I want you to notice here, on a chair in the middle of the room in which he sits, a cigarette, a cigarette мундштуке. Then finished reading and as I remember it, but we find ourselves in the same bed.

Margo morning he looked at me, and said умешкой two years ago. You must ... and 40 more skill. However, that said, almost all men, enough wand in hand, pants, and everything will be itself. I don't remember, fried or побелел, but immediately fled. Then I realized I can't do without it.

I've been looking for a way how счатью with this Macho Man

Once again woke up from the nightmare, he says, the more I realized: something needs to change. As a principle, the man, beautiful, a sex symbol, but also a freak. More to lure him? I've decided what sex is. And I went to the doctor.

Yes, that's why radical: immediately consult a doctor. You need to solve problems. Sexologist and she needs me to say, is healthy, he explained, 20-30, what's – that's too low. I was shocked, his wife was always there. Doctor's advice a stimulus for some kind of natural.

The search began to try for such a goal to buy something or order. Immediately decided: no Chemistry, because I'm fine. Stopped Macho Man and still paired. My party price and composition. Spray it worked is ideal. I started reading sex literature...

Runaway success and a new bundle of joy

Margo I again she was surprised, but the advice I gave. He says every man after that returns to escape. And to him, a goddess to me. Not claimed, but he didn't. I made an appointment on behalf of. Was preparing thoroughly.

X per day I went. macho man it worked smoothly in my hand about three hours. This was the best sex of my life (at that time) and, you know, I liked him. I was getting ready for anything! That, of course, said theory is not practical, a little caustic, but immediately offer to meet her yet. You, he says, was hard-working.

More Margot and all over Macho Man?

To see him many more times. I've tried a few times without Macho Man I love him, but it's not something she said to me, so we went and I quickly ran to the bathroom threw up spray in the second round. More risk, more, I told him, now he has to spray harmful to himself, this looks cool!

First, let us only good for sex, but I was touched by her. We started to walk together exhibitions, reading her verses, and so on. Now I'm divorced with my wife. Boy graduate, destroyed something together for us. I gave him a goodbye kiss jars Macho Man... gave himself up before ordering. I'm saying give, man, own, new, you very well sex.

We had all the time with Margo, everything is beautiful. Experienced and Sexy man, that taught me a lot, 19-20 a year to learn, but it's not nearly sex because I've learned that busy. Since then, as we got both unearthly pleasure. He knows it, his Delivery, thanks Macho Man appeared a few times is good enough for me. 40 and this tail!

Everything in me was awesome, so, men, don't be afraid. Use games, use Macho Man (funny spray price compared with the end result – happy relationships). If you value hard enough, the doctors walk and talk to her, is a woman. This is the second time I'm getting married soon!