Penis enlargement ways

Penis size — this question I care about any man, especially this is true, but also not bestowing the large size of some nature. Also, this issue that bothers you a lot more because women themselves men a more neutral stance on this issue. A complex develops, and men with a smaller penis, sexual is not only printed, but, and everyday life. Such people are usually shy, closed and shy, especially when communicating with the opposite sex.

World standards

penis enlargement ways

The average penis size varies between races, as the representatives of the Caucasus and the black upright 13 to 15 centimeters in length, it is possible. This may vary between 10 centimeters and 20 centimeters. That's a thought appears, very often the dimensions of a normal citizen but the owners, called them "despicable". And in vain, because the guys that exists in the world, a really small penis, longer erection during not less than 5-6 centimeters! Such a pathology known as small penis, wear such as congenital and acquired characters, and his cause failed the most as a man hormonal, childhood, and adolescence.

But modern medicine has a similar problem, various solutions, help, surgical intervention, and those without. A significant risk how many is packed with accommodation options.

Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump — special cylinder that fits the male sexual organ. Achieve strong erections and it's just a pump, it will be a cylinder. But according to experts, this method is not effective and even harmful for a male an erection fast enough and passes a path for himself after such a manipulation, because that can trigger temporary impotence, penis bruising, and blood vessels and tissue space.


A special device called expander, the holder members thanks to the amount of sexual tension gradually increases in size. Extensions have different construction depending on the manufacturer, however, the essence of the mechanism is the same: the penis in the stretched position is fixed using custom clamps for a few hours, a day, every day an increasing level of strain. According to them, the producers of the penis in this way to increase the size of 2-3 cm and a half years, however, the attitude of the doctors, the experts, this method is very different. The medical group argues similarly acquitted, others say the opposite, pretty good results after using the extender.

Medical drugs and dietary supplements

This is the most unfair and an unnecessary way to increase the sales of these dietary supplements manufacturers product invented in ad and many men the only victims. What most can not do more, dietary supplements and pills to strengthen the potency of the sexual organs in men, which looks a little more. However, the increased price long medicines sexual organ does not affect the data.

Surgical penis enlargement

This, and perhaps the only effective method that provides the penis to increase the size of 2-4 cm. Circumcision decreases penis enlargement essence special bond that holds the penis to the pelvis. This process increases the length of penis is weak and then the tension. Also, you can increase the amount of fat tissue using a custom scoring penis penis.

how to enlarge your penis,

For an objective evaluation, penis, doctors, men to get rid of excess weight, a few centimeters to reduce the actual size of fat folds around visual.