How to enlarge your penis - simple ways without surgery

Good day, dear readers! Let's take a look sober to validity: the most unhappy sexually mature male his penis size. According to statistics, 8 to 10 men to increase their dignity dream. To see some whole life this is almost never an issue, lose confidence and inner sexuality, and relationship problems in the hands of thousands of complexes with the opposite sex. Thought, to change something urgently, his body slowly an obsession. However, a radical action by a few men, acceptance surgical intervention.

how to enlarge your penis,

The process is fun, because it is expensive and insecure and with other ways of penis enlargement it is advisable to take into consideration the current home and risk serious consequences.

You can improve your home with what a member for a few months

It's amazing, but most of the time contrived a problem with his small penis owner. Men, penis size reaches eight centimeters, exciting in case you don't need: normal indicators corresponds to their genitals. With the kids, but usually quite "standard sizes" (12 to 16 cm long and a circumference of 3-4 cm during an erection), tend to think, and increasing member. I can get to accomplish a really visible result, and "his men" thicker or longer, without resorting to surgery?

There are a few ways that may affect the amount of the male sexual organ. Compared with a different method that is not an operational event. Moreover, the action of warranty of at least one hundred percent is not possible. And again, the application of the methodologies to change the size of the penis says about durable best results always achieve the desired goal. To enlarge your member, it is preferable to use at the same time, multiple options offered under:

  • and jelqing massage technique;
  • load strap;
  • extenders and vacuum pumps;
  • various medicines and folk remedies.

Jerking: a simple technique penis enlargement exercises

So, briefly, each method is in order. For hundreds of years male the Asian regions, which is the essence of lies that uses old technology special effects jelqing penis. Most importantly, always this massage and milking the member resembling The Shape of maximum compression a slight erection. The secret of this "backwater" is a heavy organ of circulation occurring in the process. Massage, cavernous body that helps down, which is directed hand movements to stretch that creates a sexual organ. Workouts must be regular and long, at least 20-30 minutes every day. Over time, these stretched and stimulated the cavernous body the blood surging when the testicles and the penis becomes bigger. The most popular is considered the jelqing exercise two options:

  1. The technique of "milking". Pre-warming the body with hot salt in a bag, a slight friction on the need to embrace at the bottom of the penis. Taking a ring of dense, stretching, upper, head up. To get started with a 30 to 40 transactions approach.
  2. The technique is the "strong compression". Palm must tightly embrace the penis and jamming along 10-15 seconds. With the power you need to do is exercise, but when soft tissue damage to stop the pain does not.

What it helps to achieve more length and thickness member

The second method to enlarge your penis at home without surgery rehabilitation and torture – rack cargo.

It should be noted that the contribution of the change in the thickness of the organ is one and traumatic.

The working principle is the same and the previous technique through the cavernous penis massage IMA pull wire extraction lies just a jerking effect, increasing the size of manhood in the world, with a suspension of the laws of physics, cargo:

  • Rotten penis rub gently.
  • Advanced band-aid to wear in head first and fix it to an intense topic.
  • This badge hanging on the lanyard start with a small weight, 20-30 grams), and time of 15 minutes.
  • Always you will need to add the duration of the session, and the weight of the load set up. Main – a feeling of numbness during the test procedure.

Other way to help enlarge the penis at home the fit to an acceptable application-specific devices in the category of a genuine commodity. Various extenders and pumps the purchase of bread to shop for today only. The advantage of the device is the best long-term results, however, takes a lot of time on the use of connected devices and causes discomfort. Looped, vacuum or waist extender (they vary according to the method of mounting and compare), wear a few hours a day. Constant tension as an increase of a few centimeters to the member 3-4 weeks there's nothing else to use.

Behaves in a similar manner, and vacuum pump. More reminiscent of the pump – cylinder that you can place an armature to represent a male. Stimulates blood flow and creates a vacuum inside the high pressure weather the next deflate inside. Preferably a lubricant of the penis to handle comfortably special.

For male power folk remedies and penis enlargement

Folk remedies used for penis enlargement, bioactive additives, various creams and sprays. Activity application, end users have different opinions, and uncertain what the experts say about them. Complex exercises with their preparations for the external action largely results. And given the huge variety of these funds, such as to select the most suitable application method according to the men here, compare and is a personal preference.

Significant among the people with the money to enlarge your penis at home cheap offers the following options:

  • Teas. Use beverages containing beneficial ingredients ginseng, ginger, Hawthorn, and for other purposes the virtue of male plants, the sounds, a positive effect blood circulation relaxes.
  • Juice, garlic and parsley. Required for a glass of water 2 cloves of garlic, cook on low heat for 15-20 minutes. Foliage finely 2 tablespoons to put in the water before drinking it. To drink every day before going to bed.
  • Regular use with walnuts and honey. Recipe for men: a core, 5-6 walnuts, finely grind and mix with honey. food and 1 tsp. before breakfast and dinner.

It is not possible to list all with the help of folk remedies to enlarge your penis. Assessment if you think it really help to achieve the desired result and then some of them lasting a small embezzlement. And again, in advance, that the ideal dimensions are important not to forget health. Love yourself, and then in the full sense of the members, men and women dignity and a source of pride, regardless of the weather.