26 products, performance-enhancing male aphrodisiac which instantly increases a useful list

26 male aphrodisiac or performance Enhancer products instantly consider the minimum period.

All of them contains a certain complex vitamin.

products which your power increases, and the turnip in men list

1. Oyster

Pros they say:

  • this product helps to delay, finish faster in bed;
  • activated the production of testosterone;
  • strengthens men's health;
  • increases libido.

Casanova 50 oysters for breakfast this morning and liked the rumor is He loves food.

Recommended to people who suffer from gastritis, or diabetes.

2. Some species of marine fish

Particular features:

  • flounder (used, many kinds of fried organ on a positive alert);
  • mackerel , as сваренном (increases libido, male hormone, phosphorus).

Better to choose a fish and a sea, river, sea richer because the beneficial ingredients and minerals.

3. Turnip

More useful:

  • useful amino acids;
  • themselves, sunflower seeds, vegetables, improve sex drive and impulse.

Therefore, turnips and applies the product for a list of potency in men, useful and easily accessible in the market.

Not only that, the recommended for people nervous system disease, or infection.

4. Lemon and orange


  • The fruit increases the testosterone level in blood lutein yellow and orange colors.
  • products which increase your power in men a list of lemon
  • And they strengthen the male libido.

5. Camel stomach

Camel stomach called Sugoi.

Enough to get him the proximity, and the effect doesn't last long.

The only minus only is it difficult to find.


  • no harm;
  • already felt the impact that small amounts of the intake is 2-3 grams;
  • increases the performance of the genital organs;
  • day increases intercourse.

6. Mussels


  • increases the number of the seed;
  • more male hormone in the body;
  • contains large amounts of zinc, towards a strong ground.

Consider the following products and increase the power of a male aphrodisiac.

7. Seafood

  1. calamari;
  2. raki;
  3. shrimp;
  4. et stingrays or sharks.


  • develop, male power, attraction to the opposite sex;
  • to contribute to seed production;
  • contains zinc and selenium, improves endurance as a favorite.

8. Coturnix eggs

Coturnix eggs and cheese can be consumed as they hurt.

Yesil also with honey to make an omelet.


  • containing, phosphorus and amino acids;
  • increases libido and impulse level;
  • improved erectile function controls.

Therefore a list of foods including eggs Coturnix affecting potency in men in a positive way.

products which increase your power in men seafood

9. Banana

More useful:

  • to extend proximity with the beloved in bed;
  • a positive effect on an ailing organ;
  • developmental and reproductive characteristics.

10. Beekeeping products

  1. Perge.
  2. Honey.


  • a large protein that is required for a rich and intimate life;
  • the manhood of the intake increases blood, normalizes blood;
  • contains glucose and fructose;
  • it helps the crafting of testosterone.

From here, we can safely say that honey and other beekeeping products also to answer the question about your power products, which increases, and in men from the list of edible supplies.

Is contraindicated for cancer diseases, which attracts people, sepulchure's disease.

11. Chocolate


  • That contains a special chemical substance that causes this feeling, a love, of a person.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Impulse increases testosterone levels.

To get better dark chocolate (cocoa percentage of at least 70), and he suffered the most. White or milk chocolate is not appropriate here.

12. Watermelon

Is useful:

  • expands the blood vessels, develops an embattled organ;
  • active amino acids in the body;
  • prostate cancer prevention;
  • impotence of the stronger sex of income with age and menopause is recommended.

13. Avocado


  • regulating the secretion of hormones;
  • includes folic acid amp sex drive.

Avocado exaggeration to say it out loud — this product is an instant Enhancer for men action.

In effect, only one at a time. You need a lot of time.

14. Pomegranate


  • Separating the intake increases blood.
  • Pomegranate it dilates the blood vessels.
  • Used as prevention, and prostate cancer.
  • Drinking your juice, pomegranate 200 ml in a month, the effect is visible already in bed.
products which increase your power in men avocado

15. Some fruits

  1. Blueberries (increases libido, increases blood flow, improves the embattled dignity).
  2. Raspberry (improves endurance in the bed contribute to the development of testosterone, in infertility treatment recommended).

16. Meat and dishes from it

What meat amenities such as:

  1. bull or lamb testis (exotic dishes);
  2. horse meat;
  3. rabbit papers;
  4. Turkey;
  5. beef;
  6. chicken.


  • the advanced anxiety of the man;
  • great protein content.

17. Pumpkin seeds


  • it is rich in zinc strengthens, reproductive function, and strength of men;
  • that develops a hormonal background;
  • effects normal testosterone synthesis.

18. Dried persimmons

These dry fruits, dates are useful:

  • increase long-term sexual intercourse with women;
  • increase in the efficiency of the male organ.

Combine buy dry fruits and other additives, useful and it's a tasty concoction.

19. Fresh fruit juices, vegetables and some fruit

It is especially helpful to drink:

  1. Pomegranate juice improves blood circulation in the pelvis).
  2. Pumpkin juice (rich in zinc for a useful system reproductive system).
  3. Celery root juice (and increases from time to time, the level of testosterone in the body).
  4. Other fruit juices with a rich content of vitamin E.

Finesse juice

You can drink a few drinks on a different day and join above.

Drinking better, so instead of just expressum analogs fruit juices on the counter store.

How to answer the question who called me for 1 day at power home, we have advice is to be patient. And then the results will come.

Therefore, you will be permanent for product search, power fast action men.

products which increase your power in men juices

20. Koumiss


  • mare's milk increases the reproductive ability;
  • improved activity in bed, strengthening immunity;
  • increases your ability of the body is sexual intimacy.

It is not recommended for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal system.

21. Nuts

For example:

  1. мускатные;
  2. pine nuts;
  3. peanut;
  4. walnut.


  • strengthening the performance of masculinity;
  • rises, war, willing;
  • the present improvement in the body functions.

You can combine the use of nuts, honey along with dried fruit or meat, only a strengthening effect.

22. Milk and milk products

  1. Kefir.
  2. Milk.
  3. Cottage cheese.
  4. Yogurt.
  5. Sour cream.


  • Still they develop, seed production, reproductive function.
  • Day increases intercourse.
  • Harvesting them is a very complex necessary vitamin. Therefore, milk and milk products have a good answer for a question, which foods are useful to men of power.

23. Figs

Is useful:

  • the fruit improves the ability of the cubs play;
  • strengthens the circulatory system;
  • in the East, which are considered a good aphrodisiac.

24. Greens

  1. celery;
  2. parsley;
  3. greens;
  4. dill;
  5. spinach;
  6. salad leaves.

Celery in the first place. Another behind foliage.


  • increase stamina in bed;
  • positive effects on the production of sexual hormones.

25. Grape

  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Contains a lot of and magnesium.
  • Treatments for male infertility.
  • Helpful and grape juiceespecially fresh.

Remember it's nuances, use them and you will know about a lot of of what you eat and which foods increases the potency in men sex drive.

products which increase your power in men grapes

26. Some vegetables

  1. cabbage;
  2. onion;
  3. beetroot;
  4. carrots;
  5. garlic;
  6. tomato.


  • normal hormonal background;
  • to strengthen an attraction.

They can be consumed, both individually and as a garnish for other dishes.

Or the same in its raw state bring to the boil.

Why give value

  1. smoked;
  2. alcohol;
  3. beer contains female hormones);
  4. excessive alcohol, sugar or salt;
  5. avoid drinking a very large coriander (harmless in small doses);
  6. coffee;
  7. energy;
  8. fast food;
  9. soy contains an abundance of female hormones;
  10. food, fried in butter;
  11. spicy and greasy foods;
  12. soy products;
  13. high cholesterol food (mayonnaise, margarine, sprat, liver pate, and others);
  14. white yeast bread.

That's all. Now you know develop good products for potency in men and 26 in the event bed.

You must be healthy.