What you eat for men to maintain power, increase strength until old age man

Empower more of their sexual characteristics, great men of interest. Yes, our contemporaries, we are constantly looking for any magic product for a stable erection.

For dinner male power

To say a big favour and can cause irreparable harm to the health of the food business. Therefore, the power to remove all junk food from the refrigerator and carefully percent of men nutrition Foundation.

Products bearing damage

If you decide to increase your own power by using a nutritious diet, first what meaning for maximum damage male power. First of all, give up the power to develop the value of, smoked meat and sausage. Producing products using artificial substances because almost all the toxic and adverse effects in the male testes.

Below is alcohol. Any alcoholic beverage adverse effects on the production of male hormone - testosterone. Any sweets and sugary drinks. Bad workmanship promoting sugar sperm count, and total fluid loss in the body. Frequent use-fat milk spoils hormonal background heat. Dominantly a female hormone produced.

Also have to give up fast food, reduces the production of testosterone. All fatty foods containing cholesterol, except you will have to. High cholesterol can cause clogged arteries, and this is a direct way to impotence.

You need to pay attention your own meals vegetarians. Full meat diet can negatively affect men's health the exception. In this case, the meat instead of soy, happen the unwanted accumulation of female hormones.

The potency of unhealthy food is common among, and the daily diet in most men. Coffee can cause erection problems even much worse. Due to this, extreme agitation after drinking the blood of adrenaline, coffee, and many energetikov. This article gives Vitality, but then it lowers testosterone levels, what you can bring issues of men's health.

Useful products for men

For power, power that will be useful for a situation if you are in a group including zinc and vitamins among the most important work the required number.

Any nut in the first place. Male potency, this is a very useful product. A very small amount you need to eat more nuts. Just to add, a handful of any nuts everyday meals - this will be enough. The main thing - do not overdo it because nuts are very calorie.


That's what nuts? The stomach of the camel applies the most powerful aphrodisiac in the Eastern countries. Modern men and women to our country so it is an opportunity for everyone to get him there, you can use it. Attention to your sugar cravings bitter chocolate. That helps to expand blood vessels, improve blood circulation penis. Must be a treat to eat, in small quantities.

Good power for a meal of fish and other seafood. They contain all the necessary trace elements. But the most important product of any man - meat. Contains animal protein, energy, building materials, all kinds, Nov. Thick meat wasn't important. Best diet meats, for example, rabbit, chicken, or beef.

Impact to improve the strength at home the best greens of all kinds. This can be parsley, dill, celery, use it constantly important. If you add enough, all meals and salads.

Use milk and dairy products, especially sour cream, and helps keep themselves fully prepared for battle. This is also connected with normal male reproductive function milk and milk products. Nutrition should include impotence and fruit juices, including pomegranate, thus improves blood circulation pelvic organs.

According to research, the Mare he had for all men, different men's health and excellent ability with long-term exercise, sexual intercourse. Every day there are a few dates that will improve the record time charm and sex. Also, your diet should include the power to avocado and watermelon. Latest promotion, prevention, and prostate cancer. Mare's milk is consumed warrior Genghis Khan's mandatory, because that gave them power and energy provided.

And, of course, honey. Beekeeping can be done without this product, a good sex life. Honey helps, crafting testosterone, it improves blood flow to the penis both. The positive effect of drinks a ginger Tea you need to drink at least once a day.

A useful potency whole food is rich in protein and contains zinc, magnesium, calcium, and promotes circulation. Important to cook for her. The recipes are easy to find online useful power, and all the people with the books weeds.

Ginger tea

Recipes, useful cooking

Male power Enhancer contains a high amount of zinc should consist of protein, B vitamins, and additives improving blood circulation.

Here are a few popular and effective recipes:

  1. Chinese recipe. Necessary to get 100 gr. the same amount of lean pork and squid with tomato, 50 gr. the garlic. Half a liter of this water to mix the ingredients and boil for an hour. You get every two weeks.
  2. Boost libido potency and is considered a great tool for developing any pastries with coriander.
  3. All salads should be added to the cheese contains vitamins.
  4. Are ideal for dessert, walnuts and honey.
  5. Key Oyster feed her man food warehouse; they fit perfectly with many salad vegetables.
  6. The fried flounder. Possible boiled; useful items that are included that is responsible for the male power. Mother - cooking oil contains a large amount of food because he's not young, carcinogenic and a direct way to cancer prostate.

As a result

Follow the simple rules, full of power and impotence, and weakness cannot be a question in front of you is a long time. Just modify it to remove harmful products from the menu dishes, talented, extend, health, old age.