Male potency these effects: main positive and negative factors

Men's health depends on many factors. Recording their physical ability, desire and love to cum one of the important factors is the strong half of humanity, of life.

However, with age, to maintain a good is getting power. Know if affects the body and how to avoid them which has harmful effects, and that it surrounds an old feel young and energetic for that will be the difference.

Factors influencing men's health

Power up to protect a good thirty years the influence of hard because the male body:

  • stress;
  • rare fitness;
  • malnutrition;
  • settings inconsistency normal weight to age and growth;
  • many medicines in use;
  • harmful habits and more.

More detailed study specific factors you need to understand how the potency of such effects.

Adverse effects some scientists claim that Golden physically active men. However, this threat, only a narrow ring worn by men is a long time. Oxidized gold highlighting, harmful chemical elements, what a pain, the prostate is a male already.

However, to avoid any harmful effects, and regular size gold decoration a special compound wear it enough. Never the woman not to worry about it, their hormones the system is protected in a secure manner.


At the age of 35 then starts to reduce the synthesis of testicular testosterone 1-2% annually. Change occurs when more intense in the male body. However, this does not mean that there are no problems, only the male population.

If people abuse alcohol, tobacco, pays attention and no harmful habits, physical education, only exacerbated the issue of power with age.

Other problems that are most common in the elderly, effects not make the most of power:

  • decrease sperm;
  • chronic diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • surgery, the spine was migrated;
  • osteokondrozis;
  • pressure;
  • diabetes

Why all these problems of extinction on sexual function men.

Value sexual activity

Regular sexual life affects in a positive way, men's health, effects, increased power.

That allow you to do a number of interesting scientific research findings about the benefits of an active sex life:

  • sex increases the strength of a stable;
  • have an erection problem, an orgasm would be more vivid;
  • sexual intercourse stimulates the production of testosterone;
  • regular contact occurs testicular tissue connective tissue hinder the process of sexual substitution.

However, everything in moderation. Why the different partners of the risk of unprotected sexual acts, infectious diseases, sexually transmitted. Chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis to become more reasons for male infertility.

Physical activity

A positive impact in excellent physical shape strength. Overweight – this is the first enemy of men's health.

the problem with potency

Obesity leads to the following conclusions:

  • Nov and joint pain;
  • emergence hernia;
  • an increase in pressure;
  • to heart attacks and strokes;
  • the depressed state;
  • hormonal fails;
  • erectile dysfunction and decreased sperm motility.

The extra weight definitely affects the strength of only a negative perspective. You will put on weight to normal action and increased potency and the best tool to achieve good results on the road to recovery.

Value seriously busy swimming, or yoga. Best sports that are considered to affect male potency.

Health Report

Three groups with disease affecting male potency in the worst way.

Genitourinary system

Effect of prostatitis on effect is enormous. If the prostate is inflamed, causes chronic urinary retention, cystitis and head to the development of inflammation of bladder, renal pelvis dilatation.

Has a negative impact on the strength of prostate adenoma. Inflammation of the urethra of the emergence of specific pathogens, such as trichomonas, Chlamydia, gonokok advance, and the entire urinary system, what a pain, and prostate, as well as epididymis, testis.

Diseases, cardiovascular system

A direct effect on the pressure veining penis. Vasoconstriction, deceleration, circulation, genitals – all this is called hypertension, these effects of male potency is not the best way.


However, if it is possible to maintain a constant pressure normal to avoid the negative effects. Blood continues to flow, a factor that affects what happens on the road to recovery.

Addiction and harmful habits

The power can have an effect on stress, depression, most that have emerged on different occasions? Of course! And wrong lifestyle and bad habits have a negative impact on. Not surprisingly, all these problems that can be attributed to diseases mental disorders nervous system and this type of called psychogenic impotence.

Lost pressure may increase sex drive, desire for sexual intimacy is missing. All this leads to a decrease in the power.

Heir effects on power?

The effect, therefore, the problem must provide varicose veins. Pain syndrome a feeling you may be the exception. However, reproductive function is impaired as a result of this inability conceived. In time that will allow the treatment to get rid of pain, scrotal, and will give you the opportunity to have children.

I'm curious: does an Inguinal Hernia affect on power? The answer will be positive. The most serious pathologies reduces the strength of men. Being overweight, heredity, prostatitis – all these reasons hernia. Timely interventions to rapidly forget about this problem.

Level, blood sugar monitor, and the monitor power, the strength of such effects to diabetes most of the time.

Insufficient function of the pancreas produce the hormone insulin, causes degeneration of the circulatory system refers to the body, and power. Effects, diabetes, a physical impulse of a man? Absolutely not, but you can have an involuntary erection process step.

However, methods for a cure to eliminate this problem, normalization, glucose and blood sugar. You need to assign it just to get the right treatment he's a doctor.

And other diseases there are:

  • osteokondrozis;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • sickness, spinal cord and brain (chemotherapy);
  • epilepsy;
  • encoding (stress, body);
  • alcoholism treatment;
  • the prostate gland adenoma.

Important! Treatment of listed diseases, can affect the potency of various drugs. Review the guide carefully, and purchase drugs that is certainly prescribed by the doctor!


Might depend on what you know and carefully listen to your body, to feel a man's libido all the time and feel. However, a stick and some tips.

Problems, way violation potency in daily life, stress, depression, this only reduces physical desire male. Most lyrical potency affects a lot of women here because it depends in a direct way.

Forgetting to is a male from home problems, fatigue, irritation. Should be in the house, in a quiet setting, hot tub and cooked a delicious dinner. To give a good man, relax a bit, relaxing to see live music is my favorite movie.

Beautiful ornaments of clothing for a woman, gold and underwear. You can offer to a man watching porn to be done, but where better to stop pornography and immoral, beautiful erotic. Gain porn, both partners feel and provides a burst of energy.


To improve blood circulation a contrast shower in the mornings should have the power to take a measure of the value of hot and cold.

If neither the woman nor bring a favorite sex porn and results, then you should see a doctor, a prescription necessary food and medicine.


Exercising regularly purchase, vitamin C and vitamin E and calcium or foods that contain the necessary vitamins, normalizing sexual life men to leave all bad habits this way.