Increase strength at home fast

Many representatives male and strength deteriorates over time, and this article will help you learn how to increase the power without a visit to an expert, so not hesitate to go this problem doctor. Of course, to increase the potency of various drugs to get to try it out, but make sure and then a visit to the doctor. That depends on many factors, for example stress or experiences.

All representatives of male power very important and significant. But many men, of course, drops him. After that, the visible male, sexual and psychological disorder. Sorry but right now, in the modern world, there are many ways to help you increase the power.

If you want to improve your power, then you must:

  • To quit smoking;
  • Drink, alcoholic drink;
  • Consuming sweet;
  • Not drink coffee.

Public participation and implies a true path of harmony sports diet. There is also the order of the special exercises it will help in this case.

Russian bath

A very simple tool to develop power houses

Such a home could quite possibly even be a way for diverse and unusual. Most of them without a doctor's prescription commonly used home. I choose the best techniques to develop the male power:

Russian bath

This bathroom assistance, Valet parking and a long walk with a normal fleet to protect men's health, in the sea. The reason for this, they didn't, a regular sex life, here is presented such a method. Hiking, men's health is very important for the Russian baths, so it promotes, such as:

  • To reduce stress;
  • Blood vessels increased blood circulation;
  • Enhance the immune system;
  • The body is cleansing the toxins;
  • The increase, mood and health in general;
  • Affect this public in a way, contribute to the good of the person, and potency.

But the important point to remember, often the theme of the story of walking may be bad for the body. The recommended rate per day for an adult male one or two times a week. You need steam, using a broom, birch, and go to a steam room, more often than not, 10 minutes ago, then this.

If you want to upgrade the healthy male and his strength, do not drink alcoholic beverages in the bath, this adversely affects the body. And, of course, alcohol when you will not get a good result.

Contrast baths

In the house the power to remove a public way, or an opportunity to participate in a Russian bathhouse. What I want to do a bathroom like this you will need for two high-capacity, can fit in a secure manner. In this capacity, pour hot water (approximately 40⁰ C), and the other cold (about 20⁰).

Then all actions must be done to your body by placing the order in a container with hot water first, then cold. A maximum of 1 minute and have them sit down again at least 8 times required for this action. Also, the difference in temperature gradually.

Testicular massage

This method is quite effective to boost power, instead of Viagra. Representatives of this vibration massage selection for a male testosterone. Lymphatic drainage also contribute to the development of stagnant phenomena, enhances blood circulation, sexual organs.

Male testicular sperm production and its property that will help enhance any massage. This massage is very beneficial to increase the strength of the effect, does anybody make a home. To produce it regularly, more frequently, even better. Doctors often advice to produce this massage before going to bed because during sleep the body produces the most testosterone.

The most important factor when you run, massage, testicle, accuracy, a very vulnerable body part is male. Pain during the massage should not exercise, if they have, consult a doctor. This massage is strictly prohibited to perform testicular inflammation or their extensions.

Preparation, self massage

First you need to do is correctly prepare testicles and scrotum massage. To do this, you will need a Tue testicles for a few minutes, a little warm towel or take a hot bath. This action and relaxation help warm you up the way testicles scrotum, then the testicles sagged fluid.

Note also that when the ends of a massage should be to hot, to warm them up. This friction can be achieved by using the handprints together, this additive, the higher the temperature.

Execution testicle massage

Each exercise time should not exceed 2 minutes.

  1. You should do the first catch on each side of the scrotum the penis skin by applying these signs and thumb. Then, you need to do a slight motion with the thumb. This should be the direction of downward movement of the penis;
  2. Testicles testicular catch more later, and gently finger down at the bottom of the delay. You should make an effort to do at most a few seconds to rest after 3 seconds. Again, this process multiple times;
  3. The following exercise you will the bottom edge of hiding, scrotal skin with the other hand, this action, of course, clean massage. The testes of this exercise for a while to tide some more blood;
  4. Compress and uncompress a little more careful and also testicles. Number, your age will be characterized by the compression ratio. For example, if after the age of 35 to do this 35 times need for action.

This house and might help raise a right erection. Most importantly, do the right exercises and follow the rules.

Blends with increased strength

Herbal teas quite some time, here are some of them:

  1. Need 100 grams of Schizandra, 1 litre of hot water. The cooking juice is very simple, pour, lemon, hot water and let it sit for 2-3 hours. Should be consumed 3 times a day for a couple of weeks later;
  2. You need to take 150 grams of Hawthorn, 1.5 liters of them. Pour juice Hawthorn boil, steam bath. That need to be taken at least 4 times a day. This water increases very quickly, virility;
  3. Dubrovnik and 1 liter of water 200 grams of dried Al. Boil about 10 minutes, let it sit for at least 2 hours is necessary. Then, get to 4 times a day;
  4. You need to take 150 grams ginger root (chopped) 300 grams of hot water. Just pour the root and consumption by at least 5 times a day. This decoction on a day that helps to raise men's health.

Product with growth potential

A number of products, to a large extent that can affect power. Here are some of them:

  • The garlic. This plant is not particularly suitable for those with easily expressive potency lowering. Marine house, you need this garlic, that will help you raise the power. Marine its pretty simple, it is necessary for 1kg of garlic, then chop finely, then sleep into the jar, pour the water and seal tightly. Needs to marinate insist enough, in a dark place, and stir frequently. A month later, the marine can take, squeezed 1 teaspoon of milk;
  • Sea. These products almost occurs protein, as well as very rich in iodine, phosphorus, calcium, minerals and vitamins. For this reason, many seafood can help increase strength;
  • It's nuts. All the existing nuts is very useful, but the most appropriate men to increase the strength of pistachio, walnut, cedar and almond. They containing a large number of useful topics in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals;
  • Fat. This olive and flax and are considered good fats, and for them a helpful organism is a component of. Oils that help promote increasing male potency;
  • Meat products. Not just any man, destroy to live, but also good for his health.

Using the healing powers of Exercise

Using the power of increase in some physical exercise. Because strength generally decreases, blood stagnation in the prostate gland. In this sense, most men sit for a long time. If we're moving if very little, then for this exercise, 3 times a day. They are very light weight and under the power of any Representative, a male.

  • Step. During the event, the value of a particular exercise you raise a knee as high up as possible. Exercise is done for at least 10 minutes.
  • Sitting in the starting position,–. Stretching hip, exactly, like, some kind of issue between the two is the presence. Must strain about 5-7 seconds.
  • ""Exercise bike". You need to do at least 2-3 minutes.
  • Scrotum stretching exercise. To do this, completely naked, squat down and pull the scrotum down. About 5 minutes to make.
  • The moral and the flattened pelvis. To do this, to sleep, bend your knees, the feet should remain in place. To realize about 7 minutes stimulates the need to exercise, improve blood circulation.
  • Nervous, Nov. The first thing you should do, lie back, bend your knees, the feet must be surrounded by. Thriller Nov the need exposed in the region of the anus and the scrotum. This Exercise Very good to improve impact strength.

As you can see, the support of male potency in the house, only certain observe the above rules. But if it helps you, the potency of any home improvement methods, then definitely I should see a doctor. A complete diagnosis and prescription a doctor the loyal treatment.

Power easily can be a symptom of any disease. Than it should be awake or potency decreases. Any main road, its good, but should not be abused this badly. If in the home environment in order to achieve the desired results, the host will be, fit, proper nutrition and exercise.