Manufacturer of vacuum pump, with his own hands

Representation pump air pump or vacuum forming. That creates a large suction force, and a closed reservoir by pumping air or other substances. For what such a device, what are the principles, activities, types, properties and how to create the device with their own hands, — you will need to examine all of these questions.

Which devices are used and where

vacuum pump

In the modern world, people very often with the vacuum home life. Current rental for such devices, braking and ventilation systems. Packing a home there with food air pump to the device or bulky items.

The fixture is applied in different industries:

  • Textile;
  • Food;
  • Pharmacological;
  • In medicine;
  • Oil and gas;
  • Chemistry;
  • Electrotechnical;
  • Metallurgy;
  • Agriculture;
  • Construction.

In fact, pump, women, and men for reinforcement of circulation in different organs. Vacuum devices are used almost everywhere, so your own design will be different. Devices such as the most basic types are varied. Developed liquid ring is used by everyone before, and currently.

Such a device for continuous-feed, liquid and electricity.

A vacuum created in the chamber at the expense of the rotation mechanism, steeped in the liquid. Rotary-wing — the most popular in the production. Used for small closed systems. 2 camera consists essentially of a rotary vane pump. A single module move air from the rotor while working else. These pumps are Type 2-fat and fat-free.

To create a handheld device for syringe

Such a hand-mini-pump is very convenient, and to bring any person without any problem.

To make a device, a syringe, you need to prepare:

  • Hospital syringe, more preferably;
  • Tee;
  • Tube the same diameter, such as tee and syringes;
  • 2 the reverse valve.

First cut the flexible plastic tube and tee 3 pieces joined. Attach the syringe tube, and the other two – the aquarium valves.

The aquarium valves are available with the same diameter, like the tube itself.

A valve is added, intake air temperature, another version of. During driving, the piston of the syringe of the capacity of air pumped out. Similarly, the second drain in a cup of water.

Automotive pump fixture

And an ordinary bicycle or automobile pump in the pump house in your own home. Name the 4 consecutive steps. So

  1. The master device, and cuff.
  2. Headline translates to the other side and screw on back.
  3. This pump tube is installed a check valve.
  4. The frost free hose end valve tube or durable material.

Rework change the direction of the working stroke is essence: when pressed, the reduced the amount the camera lugs, and reverse of leaves into the air is the headline.

Luggage lifting arm creates a vacuum.

Such a home-made device can come in handy in a house, for example, weather cloths and a pillow for storing a cumulative thing the fence without the help of the vacuum cleaner.

Various compressors

Electric pump to pump out in large quantities can be manufactured. Liquid containing capacity of the pump that is not possible, otherwise water vapor images quickly, the device is disabled. Compressor is broken, the system clothing and equipment, dehumidification.

With manufacturing pump compressor is divided into 3 steps:

  1. Removable filter, compressor.
  2. Participates in soak for the input Tube Compressor, and air.
  3. Pop-up the device itself.

Using a hand pump you can create a broken refrigerator or air conditioner. The procedure passes through several stages of manufacturing and simple. The upper part of the cut a hacksaw. It is taken the motor housing. The copper pipe is passed through a special hose and a small tank that is involved.

The upper portion if the compressor is replaced, the new, on a smaller scale. Cover one of your animals is manufactured with brass foil. Sheath sound insulation for tarp.

Pump is equipped with a gauge to check the oil level pipe (to do this, a normal pen housing). This assembly participates in the suction, the air filter is a tool you can use. Excessive pressure in the evacuation system mounted between the fitting and the filter. Included in the network.

How vacuum pump

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That creates a very powerful vacuum and liquid ring vacuum pump widely used in agricultural machinery. Business immersion liquid occurs because of a rotating mechanism.

Not at all difficult to change yourself aquarium compressor, the design quite a bit pimp:

  1. Body with fastening unscrewed with a screwdriver.
  2. An experienced node, and non-return valves are disassembled.
  3. Swap valves and the device goes back.
  4. Vacuum tube area attended. Retain moisture to eliminate over a small hole.
  5. The installed system exhaust gas. tube, of suitable size.

This pump mounting takes place in several phases. Rounded blade is placed inside the drum mechanism. Those settings, by the body in contact. Drum partially filled with water.

The motor starts to spin the impeller with the help of the centrifugal force and the pump fills with liquid.

Water out of the socket entry is made, or tank. Puller removes the bearing. Attached to the plate from the cleaning service for the hairpin. Pressing of the nuts produced on the plate while boring a shaft.

The nuances of his hands to pump with

The main pros, PTFE-coated glass fibre-piston pump — its versatility and no noise. Under the influence of the vacuum pump piston. The main parts of this lobe vacuum devices generated through the mechanism of 2 — "cams", and spinning each other.

These lubrication pumps are making, why they have a low-performance and replacement parts.

You can make it yourself by using vacuum pumps, medical syringes, auto electric compressor or pump, compressor, refrigerator compressor aquarium. To start with you must decide to select a specific option, where and why it is used.

Occurs several different pump spare parts we can supply:

  1. Sealing plastic bottles you want to add a bubble stock.
  2. The air pumping mechanism by creating a vacuum that will create.
  3. The rubber tube that connects the pump to the bottle.

Stock is inserted into the bulb and pumped out the air and vacuum is created. The result of this increased maintenance will be. A special air valve or hole that a button is pressed to run free, closed toe.

Pump options in different stores teams. This pump easily you can make your own but that's what we got. The desired size of the selected bottle (plastic bottles or a syringe that can be made cake), 2 Weight hole. With the aid of adhesive or glue that is involved a single hole tube (silicone, rubber, or Eyedropper). The second hole is inserted into the sealing cuff, sealing and ensures not to allow injured. With a tube connects the pump with a temporary filling.

If necessary, the user greatly the vacuum pump earn money, collect such a unit itself. But it may take a little longer to build, and power. For the device with his own hands to do, sometimes it is enough already an existing resource material. What type if selected, methods of study and application complexity will be directly affected device.