How to enlarge your penis at home right

How to enlarge penis at home? Every time we stood a strong ground about sufficient size for the body in question is horrible. Without having some obvious problem we're working to improve your cock in all possible ways, though, they certainly isn't that. You do not need to reach orgasm for a woman, large size penis. The correction really necessary but the category of the men organ. There are many techniques that can help penis enlargement for a home. Today I will address the most effective ways that a member of settings that will really change a length and a thickness.

penis enlargement

Before you begin measurements to make any method better dignity. Maybe average a penis, it's not worth it pace yourself to exercise, extracts, or references to an operation of the magnitude of changes to radical methods.

You can have an erection member surgeons proven by 10-15 cm under – or over- a small penis or a large size. As they say, for the lucky ones, and some do not. It is a small organ but the problem is that you can fix yourself.


If only man could be home to enlarge your penis, but also a significant problem organ. No tumor growth or acute pathologies associated with sexually transmitted diseases. Before you start, what kind of Procedure to improve get rid of a symptomatic illness.

The penis the House of correction methods:

  1. Vacuum pump;
  2. Extender;
  3. Jerking exercise;
  4. Ointments, creams, gels and sprays;
  5. Drugs;
  6. Stretching with shipping.

Vacuum pump

Thanks, sometimes the device can achieve a few such results already after a month of daily application. It is not realistic to only increase in diameter and length.

Apart from that, the device has many advantages. To solve a series of well, issues of masculinity, sexual Area. With the appearance of the pump, pump the bulb, pear, storm hammer ring (sealed to buy).

Working principle:

  • Injected into the penis, cylinder (pump would be manual, mechanical);
  • The air pump is deleted with the erection;
  • The ring and the pubis firmly into the bottle in the meantime, fire;
  • Keep to 8 minutes after eloquence, his;
  • Repeat 2 times a day every day.

Previously worth doing masculinity any method to improve on the first measurements. Checklists a month earlier.


  • A sedentary job when irregular operations contribute to stagnant sexual intercourse and pelvis;
  • Bridge and impotence;
  • Growth of the male organ up to 4 cm;
  • Diversify your love life;
  • Masturbation.


How to increase the size by using the machine's? Thanks to him 1 month ago 0.5 cm can be obtained, if used daily. Operating principle of the stress epithelial tissue the cells.

In turn, the extender has the ability to grow and to fill the gaps under the weight extends from where it is created. The method is similar, what is used for, surgical, therefore the organ growth is guaranteed.


  • Penis enlargement length and a width;
  • Correction of the penis curvature and defects in the House.

The results after using over a period of 4-5 months:

  • 5 cm, evoked status;
  • 3.5 cm penis alone;
  • Volume 1.5 cm

The first month we recommend that you install the device for up to 10 hours, accordingly is made is applied. Every day you can get stunning results have already been dressing a few months, the changed settings remain for the lifetime.

Jerking and proper exercise

If you apply slowly east technical boosts sexual organ, not cause great harm, and less traumatic.

Because the whole process of checking accounts and in hand with exercise to stop in time in case of discomfort.

The working principle of the cell based on a flood of blood circumcision and pull the penis. Each day you apply, 1-2 times per day, the result you achieve, it's already a month.

First, the beginning of the exercise of a profession and to prepare carefully warm up the penis. Using this information, a warm heating pad, or a towel moistened with warm water and salt wear.


Most importantly, avoid burns, temperature monitor, and own a feeling. Improve the process and efficiency of course, why special creams or gels to increase the body. This utility quickly change the appearance dignity.

Exercise "Jerking"

  1. Cream genital organ;
  2. Massage, easy to bring up an erection;
  3. Kat is a thick ring of one index finger and the thumb;
  4. Not compression, but quite a few spend along the head circumference before it reaches the flexible member;
  5. Your move is a strong reason for discomfort and pain;
  6. Repeat the "thick ring" for the entire length of up to 40 times;
  7. Extend each course 10;
  8. Finally 300-350 per session up to 1 month.

Don't this simple act, then 30 days, the firm is a tangible difference in cm.

Stretch cargo

This is the best and the oldest technique to increase the penis dimensions. Modern analog – extender.

For this reason, the apparatus may be the answer to you if you want to purchase it myself and taking advantage of cracks that, in our hands the material means. Some men weight of water is used as a flask.

You should be extremely careful just here. The wrong approach can be quite dangerous and painful for organ technique.

In the early stages to overcome the cargo is 10-15 minutes longer (but no more than 20). Under the weight elongates the penis and within 1 month you can already observe the effect.

To perform gently, slowly, and do not make any sudden movements. You must have a penis erection. Fully wrapped elastic bandage or a handkerchief, a head member on the bottom, try a pinch of organ, necessarily tighten the skin member.

Buy in stores, private handcuffs, hanging, and will be shipping on. Video course a look, definitely do not use shipping bandages for now explore and clamp.

When to apply shipping, agirlastirmad every week, without necessarily follow, Twitter, stop the procedure in case a sudden pain. Kg additional frequent, including sports equipment drives, and weightlifting.

If it's not in this house, how can we say for a bottle of water before it is suitable. The first lesson to start with 5 minutes increasing by 1 each time.

Maximum load 20. Impossible to stand for a long time, the front pressure necrosis of dying cells and the start of the close-up.

Streamers are the Basic Rules

  • No funding before and during erection;
  • Squeeze a drop of blood to the penis to overcome before;
  • The cargo hold up until you feel a slight discomfort. Pain, burning and cramping this is prohibited;
  • Change, color darkening, and the Blue member – norm increase until the end of the course;
  • Thrombosis causes a dramatic weight, not all growth should be slowly;
  • No movements, walking, etc. stand in a place;
  • It is not recommended for beginners after application jelqing exercise;
  • First cargo should not exceed 200